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DuBois' Dissembling Disassembled
2006.07.29 (Sat) 22:50

Allison's so cleverNow that Allison DuBois has been pretty firmly established to be a sick and grossly duplicitous individual who uses the pain of others to turn a profit, it's time once again to examine the details of her laughably pathetic and incredibly unoriginal "psychic" carny act. Skeptico has the lowdown on a recent interview in which Allison reveals "details" (and we use that term very, very loosely) regarding Arizona's Baseline Killer. It's quite a pathetic combination of rehashing known information, covering all the bases, and performing some amateur (very amateur) psychology. Our favorite part:

Dubois believes [the killer] knows local areas by scoping them out, and that his victims "are in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Holy hell! Two revelations in one sentence! He scopes out local places (as opposed to walking into them blindfolded?), and his victims are in the wrong place at the wrong time (unless, of course, they wanted to be murdered, in which case their timing and location were impeccable — right, Ali?). Inconceivable! Check out Skeptico's post for a full analysis, and feel free to watch a video clip of part of the interview (linked at the bottom of the article), though you'll have to deal with Allison's smarmy grin flashing as she talks about this murderer — hey, it's all just to further her own fame, folks...gotta smile for the cameras.

So, given the utterly useless information that Allison has provided, how exactly does she pretend that she assists in police investigations? Does she dance to hurdy-gurdy music like an organ grinder's trained monkey, just to keep the police entertained? Is that how she helps? Because we can't possibly see how anything she's said in this interview has even the slightest chance of helping the police to either identify or locate the Baseline Killer. Oh, don't get us wrong, if the killer is found and arrested, there'll be plenty of subjective validation of Allison's "revelations," to be sure. But right now, before he's found, can anyone tell us how any of Allison's nonsense will help the police?

Seriously, if anyone can look at this transparent and obvious line of bullshit and still be impressed by Allison's "spirit medium powers," please — please — help us understand why. Then go seek help yourself.

Allison DuBois: Debunked! (2%Co)

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Comments (6)

jay denari, 2006.07.31 (Mon) 18:10 [Link] »

Yep, ANY half-wit could have said those things and been accurate. Um, the killer spent time in juvie? No shit, Sherlock! Most serial killers had terrible home lives and gradually worked their way up to murder. He's not local? That's no stretch either; more than half of Phoenix's population hails from elsewhere, and many of them move on eventually (or back home, like I did).

Allison's honesty or lack thereof aside, I'm following these cases with some interest because I used to live not too far from Baseline Road. I also walked or bussed everywhere, so I would've been in the shooter's target demographic.

sean, 2006.10.04 (Wed) 08:22 [Link] »

man you guys are so close minded you cant even look outside the sqaure i mean take a serious look at your dull miserable lifes and just try to think as much as it maybe so hard to do so in your position that there are people out there that dedicate there time and there skills to help others so GET A GRIP GET A LIFE AND FOR GOD SAKE BRIGHTEN UP! yours truely sean guthridge! have a nice day :)

The Two Percent Company, 2006.10.04 (Wed) 09:34 [Link] »

As we've already responded to inane, incoherent babbling like yours many times over, sean — and incidentally, you might want to look up "run-on sentence" — we won't even bother to address your sad, misguided attempt to paint a verbal caricature of us. What we will do, however, is repeat our plea from above:

...if anyone can look at this transparent and obvious line of bullshit and still be impressed by Allison's "spirit medium powers," please — please — help us understand why.

If you felt the need to comment on this Rant (with your liberal! Use! Of exclamation points!), then presumably you have an opinion on the subject. Perhaps instead of taking juvenile jabs at our "dull miserable lifes" (you do realize that you don't even know us, yes?), you could provide some solid, rational reasons why you think people like Allison DuBois "dedicate there time and there skills to help others." Go ahead...surprise us.

Skeptic Approach, 2006.10.05 (Thu) 06:13 [Link] »

It's funny (well, actually sad, but you gotta laugh at this stuff), the people that accuse others of not having an open mind never want to listen to substantiated reasoning or look at the facts.

"It's true because I want to believe it's true and that's final!"

Sean, open YOUR mind a little. Read up on the subject, don't just take any ones word for it. Look at CREDIBLE sources and educate yourself.

Ah, what am I saying. Dickwads like you hardly ever come back and NEVER bring forth a coherent case for their arguments...

Have a nice fucking day douchebag!!!

And yes, I have anger management issues, bite me.

Bing McGhandi, 2007.02.16 (Fri) 00:45 [Link] »

Did anyone see Allison Dubois on Oprah? If I could roll my eyes back far enough, I would be looking at my own ass!

Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes

Tom from the Two Percent Company, 2007.02.19 (Mon) 19:03 [Link] »

I did not catch Allison (and the Biggest Douche in the Universe) on Oprah. Or, more to the point, I caught about thirty seconds of it, which isn't very much. The part I caught included the lone skeptic in the audience asking Allison about her dubious claims, only to have Allison predictably lean on the half-assed tests conducted by Gary Schwartz for validation. Of course, it's hard to refute shit like that on the fly unless you are well-prepared, so Allison came out sounding good.

I also heard that I missed an appearance by the fuckheaded Dean Radin. Apparently Dean made some "interesting" — or "abso-fucking-lutely false" — claims about how there have been numerous studies published in peer-reviewed journals which prove the existence of paranormal phenomena. The problem, it seems, is that all us skeptics just haven't read them. My sixth sense is telling me that old Deano didn't bother to provide any fucking proof to backup these claims, though. I don't know why I would think that, other than the fact that he's full of shit.

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