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[Last Modified on 2006.12.15]

Like everyone else in the world, we at the Two Percent Company are sick and tired of spam. We get it via e-mail in staggering volumes, and now we get it via blog comments and trackbacks. Because the laws often lag behind the technology, we find ourselves with little recourse in these situations, even though spam is in clear violation of our Terms of Use. Sure, we send out warnings to the people who own the domains, and yes we contact the ISPs and hosting providers to ensure that they know that they are providing service for spammers, but all too often, no one seems to care.

So we decided to create this list: any time we receive particularly annoying spam in any form, we will look up the domain owner's information and post it here. We will post whatever information we can find, including full name, phone number, and email. What will this do? Probably nothing at all. But it will make us feel a little better while we wait for the laws to catch up.

  • Domain: rbnnetwork DOT com (et al)
    Owner: Nikolay Ivanov and Oleg Nechukin
    Email: info@rbnnetwork.com
    Phone: (212) 736-7465
    Spam: IP range 81.95.144.xxx sent over 2,000 spam comments over the course of one day

  • Domain: rainbowcircus DOT com (et al)
    Owner: Enrico Saunders
    Email: enricosaunders@hotmail.com
    Phone: +447980865406

  • Domain: lannygordon DOT com (et al)
    Owner: Andy Hoffman
    Email: andyhoffman2005@yahoo.com
    Phone: +2.6524513646

  • Domain: freakycheats DOT com (et al)
    Owner: Thomas Reece
    Email: contact100@team-support-24x7.net
    Phone: (212) 873-2251

  • Domain: dealsgalore DOT com
    Owner: Lewis Stevens
    Email: lew2020@yahoo.com
    Phone: (909) 599-5555

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