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Just Following Orders
2008.09.06 (Sat) 20:30

According to Isaac Zamora, who killed six people and wounded four others in Washington State on Friday, "I kill for God. I listen to God." Yes, the almighty and all-powerful, all-loving, really keen Abrahamic Divine Dude tells Isaac to kill people, and he happily complies.

Yeah, there are plenty of people like Isaac Zamora who kill because, as they're happy to point out, God told them to do it. Uh huh. Whatever. The thing is, every time this happens, it's "obvious" to everyone that the guy is either mentally ill or lying. Period. No questions asked. Nobody even comes close to taking this shit seriously. And nobody should take this shit seriously — the guy's a sick fucking loon.

But — and we're just spitballing here — shouldn't Evangelical Christians at least think about giving this guy the benefit of the doubt?

What's that you say, Evangelical Christian die-hards? God would never order such pointless, terrible, cruel acts to be carried out in his name?

What kind of fucking ganja are you smoking, you stupid fucking asshats? (And where can we get some of this no-fault, anything-goes, prime bud?) The bible is chock-fucking-full of stories just like Isaac Zamora's. And if you really and truly believe that the bible is the infallible Word O' God, then shouldn't you consider that Isaac's story just may be true?

To be clear, from our perspective, as we said, the guy is just a sick loon. Saying "god told me to kill" is, to those of us not burdened with silly fairy tales, the same thing as saying "the devil told me to do it," or "my dog told me to do it," or "no, it's okay because the ass gnomes said it's cool," or whatever. It's all clearly — clearly — bullshit.

But...for the people who claim to really believe in the bible and its insecure, sociopathic deity, shouldn't they at least be willing to take this kind of statement at face value? Shouldn't they be careful of dismissing such claims out of hand? Shouldn't they give some special consideration to someone who says that God specifically told them to do it (rather than the devil or a less "righteous" source)? The bible clearly paints a picture of God as a sort of divine Marcellus Wallace who is willing to kill people personally, and — more to the point — one who is perfectly willing to tell others to do his dirty work for him, just as people like Isaac Zamora claim. In fact, some of Super Angry God's intended victims seem to be fairly innocent people (or people guilty of breaking pretty insignificant-seeming rules, at any rate). Just go through that string of a dozen links above to see what we're talking about — and we only scratched the surface.

So the question to you believers of silly fairy tales that don't even hold up in consistency as well as outlandish (but far more entertaining) Greek or Norse mythologies: what exactly is so far-fetched, in the world that you claim we live in, when someone makes a statement like Isaac Zamora's?

You see, to us, this is just another tick mark in the column that demonstrates that, deep down, most people — even the really, truly "devout" — just don't believe in all this bullshit. They merely give it lip service, and cherry pick the stories that support their biases and predilections. We're not stating this as a fact, mind you, simply a very curious and maddening observation: things like this make us wonder how a person could claim to believe that the bible — including stories where Captain Kvetch-and-Kill told people to kill others for no good reason — is the literal Word O' God, and then turn around and flatly disbelieve a statement like that made by Isaac Zamora, who relays a "message from God" that bears a striking resemblance to those that were reported in that bible itself.

We know, we know: nothing particularly shocking or earth-shattering here. But fuck, if we're going to be bombarded by fucktards who pretend to believe in complete bullshit every day of our lives...could they at least be a bit fucking honest about it? Or at least, you know, consistent?

To paraphrase the old Stephen Roberts standard: "We believe that we're all atheists. You asshats just want to maintain your imaginary friendships to avoid responsibility. When you grow the fuck up and own up to some personal accountability, then you'll understand why we don't bother buying into your imaginary friendships."

— • —
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Comments (3)

dikkii, 2008.09.07 (Sun) 12:19 [Link] »

I've often wondered about this myself. Completely inconsistent at best, hypocritical if being honest, or totally fraudulent if you wanna get cynical.

I'm going for the fraudulent angle, myself. This might be a little uncharitable, but fuck 'em. I hate this sort of stuff and I'm a little low on patience today.

TimmyAnn, 2008.09.07 (Sun) 17:29 [Link] »

Maybe they all just figure that if god were going to talk to someone, it would be THEM!

Jason Spicer, 2008.09.08 (Mon) 02:54 [Link] »

I live near Seattle, so this one hit close to home. A couple years ago some other fucktard shot up a Jewish center in Seattle, killing a woman and wounding a few others, convinced he was doing Allah's will, and somehow really sticking it to the state of Israel (I guess geography wasn't his long suit). Obviously these shooters are batshit insane, but it's deeply disturbing that their religious texts provide them with all the fodder they need to inspire and inform their lunatic violence sprees. But you know, it's us atheists who spew hate speech. Uh-huh. Religious texts don't merely promote hate, they also promote insanity.

The other deeply disturbing thing is that Zamora was quite well-known to be mentally ill and violent. His mother had tried to commit him, and the courts had several times recommended treatment for him. Unfortunately, the state wasn't interested in paying to treat or commit the guy. I guess it's OK to lock up some low-level pot dealer for a few years on the public dime, but detaining a person because they are a danger to themselves or others is too expensive, and besides, the violently mentally ill deserve their personal freedom.

I'd hate to see a return to the bad old days of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but seriously, some people need to be commited. It can't be that hard to protect against malicious lockups of people who don't need it. The pendulum has swung way too far from the Nurse Ratched end of the spectrum.

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