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Mainstream Media Reports Reality
2008.07.10 (Thu) 14:26

Everybody's favorite skeptic pal Skeptico is pretty on-the-ball, and contacted us about an article in the Phoenix New Times from reporter Megan Irwin. Thanks, Skep. Funny thing is, we already knew about the article in advance — Megan contacted us about it to get some research done. The article? An absolutely fair and balanced — for once, in the accurate meaning of the phrase — look at the claims of Allison DuBois, our good old Queen of Medium Media Bitchiness.

And boy, does Megan get it right:

That's the thing about DuBois. She's charismatic as hell, and most definitely has friends in high places, but when it comes down to high-profile cases she claims to have worked, the cops and the family members of the victims deny she was any help.

And that's, as always, what it comes down to — Allison says a lot, but nobody who should actually have reason to know ever, ever backs her up. Why hasn't Allison folded up her bullshit psychic shop and called it a day? Well, because she still has so much money to get! Er, we mean, she still has so many bestselling books to write! That is, uh, she still has so many lectures to be paid for! Um, wait...she still has so many people to help?

Nah, just fucking with you. The first three seem pretty spot on.

Megan got in touch with us (through a series of trying technical glitches which, honestly, demonstrated to us just how dedicated and clever a journalist she is) because of our Allison DuBois series of Rants, and in particular because we are still occasionally in touch with Karen and Kris — the sisters of Domini, a deceased woman whose memory and family Allison has outright fucking stomped on in her neverending lust for fame and money. (For the record, one more time: Allison, you're a disgusting fuck.) We let Karen know about Megan's intended article, and they got connected — the result is a stellar article that, for the first time, has a mainstream media outlet looking at the facts about Allison DuBois instead of just swallowing her bullshit stories.

The most excellent part of Megan's article is how this intrepid reporter approached the piece: in short, she collected stories, asked Allison about them, took Allison's claims to the other people involved, gave Allison their responses, and reported Allison's reactions. Across the board, Allison displays her deluded and/or deceptive callousness:

DuBois doesn't see what Randi and others are so upset about.

"The big argument is that we're tricking people out of money. Our clients don't think that. They're very happy.

"I don't know who you're speaking for," she says to her critics. "You're spinning your wheels, wasting your time on people who want to get help."

Ah, Allison! Once again proving that you're the sneering, arrogant ass we all know you to be. Whether or not your "clients" are happy, Allison, you are still tricking them out of money. If you were delivering what they are paying for — contact with their dead relatives, information about the future, whatever — then you wouldn't be tricking them. But since neither you nor any so-called psychic can deliver that, you are, by definition, taking money to provide a service you are not providing.

Clear enough yet, you deluded cunt?

We were especially happy to see that Megan was able to take Karen's statements about her sister Domini, which directly refute Allison's claims, and put those in front of Allison for comment. Basically, all of the information that Karen and Kris provided us with for our Rants was put in front of Allison, most notably: that Domini died as a result of melanoma (which had nothing to do with cigarettes, contrary to Allison's claims); and that Allison never saw Domini at the end of her life to "put her mind at ease" (the only people who saw her in hospice care were her family members, despite Allison's direct claims). And what is Allison's response to these assertions?

"If they weren't there every day of my life, and every day of her life — which they weren't — they can not call into question my affection for Domini," she says.

So...wait. Your "affection" is all well and good, kid (though we even have our doubts about that), but fuck that — what about the items that Karen has offered as actual facts? Allison doesn't seem to be disputing those at all! Does that mean that Allison now tacitly admits that her claims about warning Domini to stop smoking being psychic revelations are flatly wrong? And how about Allison's statements about taking away Domini's fear on her deathbed? Does that mean that Allison quietly acknowledges that she didn't see Domini in hospice care and that her "touching" story about easing her friend's mind was pulled from her ass in an attempt to make a buck?

Quoth Allison:

"The thing that was nice was, I was able to take her fear away," she says. "And when she was getting ready to pass she was, like, 'You're right. I can see my grandfather, and I know that they're there.' It was very important to me that she knew that before she died."

Karen corrects her:

Karen says it's all a lie. Her sister died of malignant melanoma, and her death, as she describes it, was gruesome. Domini saw no one but family in the months before she died and, two weeks before her death, entered a drug-induced coma that she never came out of. There was no wide-eyed deathbed vision.

"I want to clarify: The last time Ali saw Domini she was still walking around," Sitts says. "She was cognizant and was nowhere near dying."

Sitts says her sister was terrified of dying because she thought she was going to Hell. She held on to life to the point that her body began to decompose.

"I want to stress what a terrible state my sister was in when she died. Because if Allison had known, I'm sure she would have written something about that. But she wasn't there," she says. "The day she died, we were washing her and her ass actually came off. You could see her bones. It was the worst thing I've ever been through in my life. When Allison writes about my sister's death, it's really romanticized, and the fact of the matter is, it was ugly and painful."

So when confronted with Karen's claims that clearly counter her own, all Allison can do is feign offense and pretend that her affection for Domini is being "questioned"? No, Allison, you deluded twat — what's being questioned, as always, is your hazy recollection and/or misrepresentation of the facts.

And Allison's answer to Karen's claim:

DuBois says Karen Sitts is absolutely wrong. She says the only reason she wasn't around during hospice was because the family wouldn't let her in.

Wait: "absolutely wrong"? Karen says you weren't there, douchebag. You now say that you weren't allowed in. Gee, sounds like Karen is one hundred percent correct, actually. See, she wasn't talking about your feelings on the matter, Allison — just, once again, the motherfucking facts. And you, Allison, just admitted that you lied when you claimed you were there at the end of Domini's life. Your claims, therefore, are demonstrably, utterly false. Thanks, Allison, for confirming what we already suspected with a pretty high level of confidence.

Allison continues with this:

"It's frustrating. I memorialized her, and half the world is in love with her and praying for [Domini's daughter] Marissa. That's all positive. I don't see how that could make them angry."

Allow us to take a stab at enlightening you, Allison. How about because you shit all over the actual memory of their sister with your cheap, fake bullshit which is — unequivocally and completely — done in order to gain fame and fortune for yourself? You infuriatingly ignorant fucking cunt.

Of course, by writing this article, Megan has now firmly "declared" herself an enemy of DuBois fans worldwide — and this, of course, simply because she reported reality, both to Allison and to her readers. Is it any wonder why we call these fucks credulous asshats? (As Megan delightfully reported — we loved that bit.) Folks, if reality makes you think someone is mean, then you are clearly angry because you want to live with your delusions. In which case: live with them, but shut the fuck up, and stop pretending that your groundless claims have anything to do with the facts.

The thread following Megan's article is pathetically typical of the idiot crowd. Since they are utterly unable to argue any of Megan's points — you know, since she's just reporting the actual facts — they resort, as always, to attacking Megan directly, bringing up irrelevant (and incorrect) bullshit, and generally tsk-ing at Megan's mean, mean attack on poor little Allison. Poor little Allison, who is, of course, by no means poor, having fleeced most of these very same idiots to earn her millions.

You fuckholes. Wake up.

There's also an excellent page of letters following the publication of the article, which actually comes down just a hair on the side of reality. Sure, there are plenty of idiots slamming Megan and repeating bullshit claims (like major news outlets never release the names of children in biographical articles like this), but there's also a good number of folks pointing out the quite objective nature of the article — how Allison comes off looking like a fool because she's a fool — including a guy who claims to be a medium himself, yet still understands the need for verification of Allison's claims. (Boy is Allison gonna get him.)

The kicker, though, was a reaction from Allison herself on Megan's New Times blog:

Allison DoBois, the (um...) psychic/medium, predicts that her next book will be about--me. Well, kind of.

In this week's cover story, I profiled DuBois and her rise to fame as the namesake for the TV show Medium. DuBois did not like the story. As she wrote in an e-mail last night, "Well the Phx. PD must love you. Me not so much."

When I did not respond immediately, she wrote again:

"You and your family are sooooo going to enjoy my new book this year."

And less than an hour later:

"I'm so glad you are good with public record. Yours will be too."

Hmmm, why does she need public records to dig up stuff on me or my family? I'm saying, wouldn't she just know that the most embarrassing thing out there about me is a story I wrote about myself.

Of course, as Megan (along with our rational readers) already knows, Allison "writing about you" in a new book means she'll make up some new stories that make you look bad, and herself look good. You know, Allison, if you'd just market your books under the fiction section, we'd think slightly better of you. Slightly.

Meanwhile, we can't wait to see what bullshit she makes up about Megan. What we're wondering, of course, is if she'll be stupid enough (oh, pretty please!) and Megan will be financially secure enough (oh, pretty please!) for a lawsuit to happen. More likely, she'll make silly veiled references and Megan will get to laugh her ass off when the book reaches print. More likely than that, some PR person will get to Allison and point out that talking about Megan at all would be a pretty fucking stupid idea.

Not that that will 100% guarantee she won't do it.

Welcome aboard, Megan. The reality-based community is pleased as punch to have you around.

Allison DuBois: Debunked! (2%Co)

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Comments (12)

Infophile, 2008.07.10 (Thu) 19:30 [Link] »

Okay, I think I'm officially in love with Megan. I thought reporters like that were extinct, but in this case, I'm elated to be wrong. And not only is she determined to uncover the truth, but she's not afraid of putting herself in the line of fire. It's just a shame so many people suffer from True Believer Syndrome and can't accept hard evidence when faced with it. Ah well, at least some of the fence-sitters will be swayed by this.

Bronze Dog, 2008.07.11 (Fri) 18:16 [Link] »

Go Megan!

AndyD, 2008.07.27 (Sun) 10:09 [Link] »

Of someone writing (positively) about her for profit:

"The book showed DuBois in a positive light, but she was pissed ... She says it angers her that someone would try to profit from her abilities."

Of her writing (positively) about someone else for profit:

"It's frustrating. I memorialized her, ... That's all positive. I don't see how that could make them angry."

I can't see why anyone would call her a "hypocritical asshole".

Tom Foss, 2008.08.01 (Fri) 00:43 [Link] »

Man, I feel bad for being so late to this party. This is brilliant all around, and I give major props to Megan!

Ginger, 2010.12.19 (Sun) 12:40 [Link] »

Megan is fantastic! I must admit I watched "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and saw Ms. Dubois, and found this site out of curiosity. The show Medium actually was one of my favorites, I never knew that it was supposedly based upon any particular person. Seeing Ms. Dubois in action on the "reality" show was astounding. In the few minutes I saw her on film I saw a woman seething with bitterness and insecurity. Her conversation was filled with unprovoked defensive ramblings about her supposed accomplishments. After reading this, I realize she supplied a punchline I did not realize at the time - at one point she yelled that she was better than the other women because she had written books and .... had books written about her. She is so deeply offended that others would write books about her, and yet she uses it as a reference. Overall, she appeared to be a sad, sad individual.

Tamara, 2011.01.03 (Mon) 20:15 [Link] »

My husband called me into the living room to watch the issue of Beverly Hills Housewives. He asked me if this was the same Alison DuBois that wrote the book I had bought. I was shocked! It was one and the same and I was so disgusted by how she acted on the show that I googled her to see if there was anything out there debunking her. And that is how I found this site. I first went to her "official" website and she has already posted something in regards to the producers "recklessly" editing the material for that episode. Wow! That must of been some editing because she is a piece of work! Thank you for bringing to light who she really is! It makes me very sad that someone would claim to have this ability and then lie to people and take their money. Well, my Mom always told me that Karma is a bitch! She will get hers in the end. I just pray she doesn't take anybody elses money or give them false hope...that is heartless and unforgiveable!

alex, 2011.01.10 (Mon) 16:03 [Link] »

saw this woman on Beverly Hills Housewives and almost fell off the couch! I had to goggle her and see if she is for real or just some made up reality whore! I can't believe what she said about the children of the other women if they were missing! Onlyt a vile and disgusting human being would say something so horrid! Funny how she could "see" one of the other housewives marriage falling apart but not her own friend, Camille Grammer, who's husband "Fraiser" left her for another woman! What a great psycho.. um I mean psychic!

Barbie, 2011.01.13 (Thu) 21:55 [Link] »

I'm another who found your site by Googling Lunatic from the real housewives dinner party episode. She was so crazy and over the top I just had to find out if she was real or if they were just messing with us. She is a complete train wreck! I must admit it was a little unnerving to listen to her ranting about the other ladies and how she knew when they would die and how she loved that about HER. I ended up spending a couple of hours reading this site (slow reader) and it was enlightening! I want more! I love this site. My family likes to make me feel bad because all the women have passed including my mother, grandmother, daughter and aunts so I'm the last female standing and frankly, if there's a God, I don't get it. I also know there are no ghosts, nobody is reading my mind and if any of this is wrong, please, please, please...someone prove it to me! I want to believe. There is no evidence.

Anyway, I love you 2%! Please RANT MORE! I guess I owe Alison a thank you for being such a jackass that I had to look her up!

Melanie, 2011.01.26 (Wed) 16:24 [Link] »

Wow! What a long and entertaining read I just had! Hate to admit my intro to Ms. Dubious (and of course I'm aware of the correct spelling, I just refuse to use it) was through that damn show, too, but...
Anyone caring to see her despicable performance can find it playing on "On Demand" under Bravo network (titled along the lines of "Dinner Party"). Ohmyfuckingawd that woman is unbelievably rude, classless, aggressive, foul and a lush to boot! She actually tried to throw 2 people out of a dinner party at which she was a guest - and that's the least of her faults! I nearly choked to death laughing when Camille Grammer "warned" her guests that Allison would know if someone's husband was cheating - all while Kelsey Grammer was busy knocking up a 29 yr old stewardess! Maybe Camille was just too good of a friend for her to reveal this, huh?
Apparently, Kelsey Grammer produces the show "Medium", or at least he did until that episode aired (not saying he dropped it, just that I would have). Her behavior and her connection to that show made me positive I don't ever want to see it.
I only had one word to describe her - CUNT. But then, I stumbled into this website and now I see that I'm going to have to come up with something more appropriate (so as not to insult the cunts out there).
There just aren't words to describe people like her - I can't even seem to summon any shame over the word I just used about a member of my own sex, only shame that she IS a member!

Lea, 2011.02.18 (Fri) 01:19 [Link] »

Dangggg! Well, who'd uh thunk it? Since Obama managed to get his I'm-Only-Black-When-And-If-I-Can-Call-Someone-A-Racist rear in the White House, I was wondering if most people had lost all abilities necessary to spotting a liar. I don't believe in psychics or their claims about the dead but I believe people can be under the influence of spirits. No pun intended. Girly was definitely off the hook and this site, for sure, pinned her to the wall. Good! Greedy whores deserved all the exposure they can get.

Heather Boylan, 2011.04.06 (Wed) 23:42 [Link] »

Karma is a bitch Allison. You just wait. You have no idea how those spirits you thought you would defend you will haunt you.

Anna, 2011.12.22 (Thu) 23:51 [Link] »

I know I'm alittle late getting in on this blog but they just aired the Real Housewives show again and Ihadto reply. Plus in seeing the last two post I had to write here to agree. There are evil spirits that provide evil people with info. But they never provide it correctly. Instead they use the person in order to destroy them and others. Whatever powers Allison has are few and random. Lying seems to be the only power she truly has. She will one day be eaten alive by the harm she has caused. I don't think I would ever disrepect someone I did not know but if I met this woman I would gladly spit in her demon infested face. She is evil and is too dumb and arrogant to realize some of us see right through her. I have no powers except the talent to discern evil and this woman is true evil and hasn't got a clue. She stupib. Plan and simple.

— • —

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