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Happy Holidays - See You Next Year
2005.12.23 (Fri) 16:29

We're pretty much winding down for the holidays here — some of our members are traveling, and some are celebrating at home, but all of us are busy making merry in some form or another. We had planned to get up a post about the win in Dover, but finding and fighting bugs associated with our site redesign put a kink in those plans. Perhaps we'll get something up next week with our short staff, but then again, perhaps not.

Anyway, the next few days will be pretty quiet around here, and next week may not be much different. So, no matter what holidays you may find yourself celebrating during the last few weeks of the year — be it Christmas, Xmas, Chanukah, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, New Years, time off from work or school, or anything else — have a happy one, and we'll catch up with you next year.

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MBains, 2005.12.25 (Sun) 11:19 [Link] »

Wishin' all y'all 2 Percenters a Slurpy Solar New Year (and any other happy happy joy joy you may desire)! ! !

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