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Skeptics' Circle #20
2005.10.27 (Thu) 12:04

The twentieth edition of the Skeptics' Circle is available for your perusal over at the Uncredible Hallq. Go forth and peruse.

One post that really caught our eye was Orac's entry on stem cells. It seems that already the pseudoscience folks are embracing the idea of stem cells to rake in the dough by way of several bullshit treatments aimed at curing everything from the appearances of aging, to autism, to cancer. Not pissed off enough today? Check out the post and you will be.

You may notice that the last Skeptics' Circle that we linked to was number fourteen, quite some time ago. All we can say is that we've been really busy lately, and we haven't had time to even read the collections between fifteen and nineteen — our bad. In addition to linking to this edition, we're also going to take some time to go read numbers fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen, and we submitted a post for good old number twenty called "Quite Reasonable Doubt" (which Chris was kind enough to include).

Thanks to Chris for pulling this edition together, and thanks to Orac for keeping the Circle going.

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