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Why Is This Stupid Woman News?
2005.05.03 (Tue) 12:43

Apparently suffering from massive Pope-coverage withdrawal, the American media has latched onto a truly, utterly worthless story for their newest round of 24x7, wall-to-wall, media blitz coverage. But this time, it's even more ridiculous than all that have come before. You thought the Michael Jackson coverage was uncalled for? Ha! This one is far, far stupider. This one could be stupidest, until next month when a new one is even stupider than stupidest.

Who the fuck cares about some woman who ran away from her wedding? Who is the media catering to? Who? Who are you out there that cares so much about this fucking worthless, meaningless, not even remotely interesting bullshit? Speak up so that we may find you and hit you about the head with your own television set until you wake the fuck up?

The Rude Pundit says it best:

This time it's worse — it's worse than Michael Jackson, Laci Peterson, Robert Blake, and Chandra Levy because it ain't about jack motherfuckin' shit, not even a crime, not even a celebrity, not even a politician — it's about the committing of a misdemeanor by an idiot in order to fool other idiots, but its massive, overwhelming coverage only reveals who the real idiots are.

The Rude One's commentary is more expansive, so check it out when you're done weeping. As an aside, it also contains a post on what Laura Bush should have said about her husband when she cracked out the jokes, which is unrelated, but hilarious nonetheless.

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Mad House Madman, 2005.05.05 (Thu) 11:53 [Link] »

Great post. I checked out the rude pundit. Wow! I have no words.

Thank god (although, I don't believe in god) that someone, SOMEONE, finally said it. Whoo the FUCK cares!

The Two Percent Company, 2005.05.05 (Thu) 13:43 [Link] »

Sure, we can be pretty rude here, but that Rude Pundit sure can put together a tirade! Well deserved, too.

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